Arteconi CGI is expert in modelling and rendering retail spaces. Our portfolio includes automotive showrooms for Jaguar, Bentley and Toyota, trainers shops for Adidas and an incredible amount of airport duty frees from all over the world. The process includes the 3D modelling of the pre-existing environment with flooring and ceiling features, the 3D modeling of gondolas and wallbays and the population of the space with branded products. The lighting is reproduced utilising IES profiles and spotlights. Depending on the scale of the project, these scenes might contain lot of details and therefore it's vital to optimise them to guarantee the most photo-realistic result even in animation.

We've been working on visualisation, animation and VR of retails for the following airport duty-frees:Abu Dhabi, Athens, Bali, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Bogota, Dublin, Faroe Island, Geneve, Lion, Heatrow Terminal 2, Helsinki, Krasnodar, Lisbon, Luton, Marraketch, Melbourne, Mumbai, Nice, Porto, Rome, Ryhad, Sao Paolo Viracopos, Sharm El Sheik, Sharjah, Singapore Changi, St. Petersbourgh Pulkovo, Toulouse, Zurich.