Make it look good.

Arteconi CGI specialises in the production of 3D Images, 3D Animations and 3D Virtual Reality Environments for the design industry. 
We employ the latest technologies from the film industry to expand the possibilities of 3D Visualisation. 
Detail, Accuracy and Photorealism are the keywords of our work.

Details. Objects. Spaces.

We love to work on small details, finding the perfect lighting and camera angle to seize the essence of your brand.
We shot digital portraits of objects. In a white studio. Or in a reconstructed 3D digital set.
Cars and Aircrafts. Or Spaces. Bigger spaces like Airports and Showrooms.
Arteconi CGI approaches computer graphic through the photographer's eye.
Lighting, Exposure, Depth of Field and Composition are priorities while we pursue beauty behind our screens.

Design. Advertising. Marketing.

The application of 3D Computer Graphic is limitless today. From Film to Architecture to Medical Visualisation.
We've narrowed down our expertise to what we love most: Product and Interior Design. 

And we've applied it to 3 main industries: Design, Advertising and Marketing.

In the last 15 years we've been delivering High-Res Images to Advertising and Creative Production Agencies. We've directed Corporate Videos and 3D Logo Animations for Brand Designers. We've visualised and animated Aircraft Interiors. We've produced images for catalogs and online configurators for Automotive Manufacturers. We've designed, rendered and animated products of industrial design for Manufactures. We've lit, shaded, rendered and animated a vast amount of large retails, especially airport duty frees. And kept on exploring interior design in all its interpretations, including Residential, Exhibit & Events, Offices and Hotels.

Production. Design. Direction.

Arteconi CGI works on 3 levels. Producing 3D contents but as well designing and directing our own work. The experience gained from the different disciplines enables us to prevent issues. So, when required, we don't just execute but impress our vision into your project.

Stills. Motion. VR.

We deliver images for different media and purpose, from web to print. From a pdf presentation to a billboard Ad. We cover all your needs, resolutions and level of detail. We make animations, architectural fly-through and product video presentations in SD, HD and 4K. We now offer 360 VR panoramas to navigate your environments.

Where, When and How.

Arteconi CGI is based in London and delivers worldwide. We can assist you remotely from anywhere. Skype, Dropbox, Wetransfer and email is all we need to communicate. Otherwise you're always welcome to pay us a visit in our studio in Hackney.

A shot of a product takes usually one day of work. Residential Interiors, 3 days. A big retail animation can take from 1 week up to 1 month's work, depending on the amount of reviews the client needs. We enjoy both, variation keeps us creative. Arteconi CGI is flexible. We understand budgets and offer a bespoke service to meet your needs.

Arteconi CGI is scalable, we expand and contract according to the project with colleagues and freelancers helping on site and remotely.


We've delivered work for the following companies:

Adidas, Berkeley Square, Bentley, Brawn GP, British Gas, BMW, Carlsberg, Chevrolet, Delta Airlines, Dorling Kindersley, Etihad, European Space Agency, Foster & Partners, Google, Guinness, Imagination, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jameson Whisky, Land Rover, Magners, Maserati, National Gallery, Nissan, Nuance Group, Rolls Royce, Saudi Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi, Shell, Winston.