Arteconi CGI builds 3D assets, specialising in environment and architecture using hard surface modelling.

We deliver hi-res or low poly assets with UVs and texturing.

The idea behind 3D on Demand is very simple.

The Design Industry is a fast paced environment and it's sometime difficult to find specialists who are able to produce high-quality 3D work within a short timeframe. Freelancers and companies are booked in advance and for long periods so the alternative is to rely on a recruitment agency and cross your fingers.

3D on Demand wants to fulfil these last minute needs, we'll get back to you on the same day and deliver your work within 48 hours.

3D on Demand is your freelancer available at the last minute when you need a quick 3d model.

The process is easy, just fill the form and upload the reference material. (sketches / reference images / plans and elevations)

Inform us about the context and the level of detail needed and what is your timescale. We accept 1 / 2 / 3 day jobs.

For longer project, please contact us directly at studio@arteconi-cgi.com

How do we do this?

We've been freelancers before setting up a company and we've witnessed those situations very often. Sometime the 3D team is busy and you need a couple of days work done by tomorrow. The photo-retouch department needs few 3D elements for their images. Other times the 3D artist you got in the studio is not suitable for your job and there's no time to look for an alternative. We know the industry, what are the needs and we have a good network of specialists always available to help.

We get back to you via email within 1-hour, giving you a quote based on a daily rate. Once agreed we start your job the following morning and get it delivered to you by the end of the day. Alternatively, if you have agreed for 2 or 3 days of work, we'll deliver according to your choice. 

We've delivered 3D on Demand to creative production houses, architectural visualisation studios, design and architectural studios, brand and strategic design agencies, advertising agencies and appliances manufacturers. In London and worldwide.